Audio Frequency
Recording: What You Should Know About Audio Frequency
We have mentioned frequency several times, but we haven’t discussed what you need to know about it.  In our microphone…
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New Music Friday May 18
New Music Friday: August 31, 2018 Edition
Rock Alkaline Trio – Is This Thing Cursed? Circles – The Last One Metal VCTMS –Vol. III Halfway Happy Roseview…
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What You Need To Know About Mandolins
When most people think of mandolins, the very first thing that comes to their mind is “Losing My Religion” by…
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New Music Friday
New Music Friday: August 17, 2018 Edition
Rock Belmont: Belmont Death Cab for Cutie: Thank You for Today Metal Annisokay: Arms The Five Hundred: Bleed Red Sleep…
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Drum Shell
Drum Shells, Know Your Wood
Every drummer looks for a specific sound that they are wanting out of their kit.  Yes, putting a specific head…
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New Music Friday: August 10, 2018 Edition
Rock As It Is: The Great Depression With Confidence: Love And Loathing Metal Scarlett O’Hara: Welcome Back To The Brodeo…
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New Music Friday August 3 2018
New Music Friday: August 3, 2018 Edition
Rock Trophy Eyes: The American Dream NOFX: Live In A Dive Lucero: Among the Ghosts Time, The Valuator: How Fleeting, How…
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Beartooth Caleb Shomo
Beartooth Releases Two New Singles
Hardcore band Beartooth releases two new singles from their upcoming album titled Disease which is scheduled to be released on September 28,…
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Warped Tour
What’s Next Now That Warped Tour Is Ending
It is old news at this point that Warped Tour is finally closing up shop, but this leaves us with…
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July 13 2018 New Music
New Music Friday: July 13, 2018 Edition
While there are many new releases week after week, we want to highlight the albums that might not be on…
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Live Concert
Live Sound: A Starting Point
Introduction to Live Sound: Earlier this week, I wrote an article about getting started with recording.  While I have had…
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Recording Studio
Recording: The Very Basics
My Experience In Audio: I have been asked from a few people how they could get started in recording.  After…
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#TBT Anberlin – Blueprints For The Blackmarket
There’s a strong argument to be made that in 2000-2005 Tooth & Nail Records reigned supreme, and their vanguard of…
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Joe Bonamassa
Guitar Virtuoso Joe Bonamassa Releases New Single
The talent that Joe Bonamassa possesses on guitar is absolutely insane.  This guitar virtuoso has inspired many people to pick…
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Jason Sturgeon Band
Guitarist Brett Houchin Gives Insight On Building A Music Career
I recently sat down with guitarist Brett Houchin about his experience from when he was a national touring musician.  Brett…
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Bad Religion
Punk Legends Bad Religion Release New Single
Just when you think Bad Religion is done and riding into the sunset, they come out with something new.  For…
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Architects – Doomsday Live @ Alexandra Palace
To be completely honest, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Architects but as I was flipping through my direct…
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As I Lay Dying
A Reunion For As I Lay Dying
It has been 6 years since we all thought As I Lay Dying was done for good, and boy were…
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CDs and Tapes
Music Industry Back On The Rise, But Why?
In 1999, the music industry hit an all time high of being a $23.8 billion industry, and had been on…
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Hot Singles Near You: The Menzingers – Toy Solider
Coming in strong on the heels of 2017’s After The Party Philadelphia punk quartet, The Menzingers release a new single –…
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It Hates You
#TBT: He Is Legend
Throwback Thursday holds a special place in my heart, and as such I like to discuss bands that have been…
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The Alchemy Index, Vols. 3 & 4: Air & Earth Thrice
Crash Course: Thrice
Crash Course is a new addition to Black Skye Media, where we’ll cover a wide variety of bands from our…
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New Music Friday – May 25, 2018
It’s time to expand your music catalog. It’s New Music Friday yet again and this week we have the return…
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Aegaeon Release Powerful New Track “Ruination”
This post is one I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Deathcore/progressive metal act Aegaeon are both friends…
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Unearth - The Oncoming Storm
#TBT: The Oncoming Storm
SUMMER 2005: I walk into a local “mom and pop” style record store on the west side of my hometown…
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New Music Friday May 18
New Music Friday – May 18, 2018
New Music Friday is back after a brief hiatus last week. What can I say? I got lazy. That, and…
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I Prevail Unveil New Music Video for “Rise”
Neither this band nor this song needs much introduction. Fearless Records band I Prevail have just released a new music…
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Razor & Tie Joins Fearless Records
Fearless Records. How do I even begin to describe this label and what they’ve accomplished lately? They seem to be…
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Dead Poetic
Throwback Thursday: Dead Poetic
In 2002 I was flipping through some CD’s at a local record store and stumbled on Dead Poetic’s first album Four…
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Live Music Audience
Why Concert Tickets Are So Expensive
  In 2008, I bought a ticket to a big touring metal concert traveling through my area for $45.00, and…
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Metal Drum Setup
10 Metal Drummers You Should Know
Drumming is a big part of where my interests lie when it comes to the metal genre.  Rather than make…
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Live Sound Engineer In Crowd
A Bad Show: Blame The Band Or Blame The Sound Guy
Many of us have been to one of those shows that left us with complete disappointment and have made such…
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New Music Friday – May 4, 2018
I’m out of intros. Check out 3 new releases below!   The Word Alive – Violent Noise Parkway Drive –…
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The Ghost Inside
The Ghost Inside Returns
Bull-In-A-China-Shop Metalcore band The Ghost inside once sang “Life’s swinging hard but i’m swinging harder” rang true today. Following the…
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New Music Friday – April 27, 2018
I can only think of so many creative ways to introduce a weekly recurring piece. So, I’ll just say this:…
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Chelsea Grin - Dead Rose
Chelsea Grin Unleash Heavy New Track “Dead Rose”
Heavy hitters Chelsea Grin are back with a new single “Dead Rose” via Rise Records. This marks the first new…
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